Enrollment Information
  1. Participating company is required to comply the Terms & Conditions of the Scheme.
  2. Participating company is required to complete the participation form and return to HKRMA.
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Employer's Guide
Employment Terms
  1. To enter into an 18-months (applicable to Diploma of Foundation Studies) or 30-months (applicable to Higher Diploma) employment contract with the participating student-workers;
  2. To provide an average monthly remuneration of HKD$5,300 (applicable to Diploma of Foundation Studies) or HKD$5,920 (applicable to Higher Diploma) to each participating student-worker in a progressive increase approach as follows:
Diploma of Foundation Studies Higher Diploma
Month 1-6 $4,500/month $4,500/month
Month 7-12 $5,400/month $5,400/month
Month 13-18 $6,000/month $6,000/month
Month 19-24 $6,600/month
Month 25-30 $7,100/month
  1. The total working hours for each student-worker should not be more than 117 hours per month;
  2. To schedule a workplace roster of 3 days per week to allow the student-workers to acquire work experience and at the same time attend class at the Vocational Training Council (VTC) 3 days per week;
  3. The arrangements of Annual Leave and Statutory Holiday should be provided in accordance with the Employment Ordinance;
  4. If the student-workers drop out from the Diploma programme or being de-registered by VTC, the participating employers have the right to terminate the contract;
  5. Any other benefits or terms provided in accordance with the company's policy and governed by the laws of the HKSAR.
Tuition fee
  1. Participating company is required to sponsor each student-worker's tuition fee of HKD$1,300 per month (applicable to Diploma of Foundation Studies) or HKD$2,900 per month (applicable to Higher Diploma). The amount is paid directly from participating company to the VTC every semester. The tuition fee is non-refundable if the student withdraws from the Scheme amidst the semester
Recruitment of Students
  1. To recruit Secondary 6 school leavers to join the Scheme, a recruitment day will be arranged at VTC’s campuses at the DSE Result Announcement Day. VTC and participating retailers will arrange walk-in interviews with interested candidates. Participating company is required to arrange staff to conduct interviews with candidates. The recruitment procedures are as follows:
    • VTC assesses the candidate's qualifications.
    • VTC distributes the participating company list to candidate.
    • Candidate selects interested participating company.
    • Participating company conducts interview with candidate and confirm offer.
    • VTC register for the admitted candidate and arrange payment of registration fee.
  2. Participating company is required to conduct interview and select their candidate on their own. Otherwise, participating company will not be assigned any candidate.
Responsibilities of Employers
  1. To maintain close communications with VTC on the learning and working progress of the participating student-workers;
  2. To provide standardized practical working and learning objectives for the student-workers in the workplace;
  3. To provide a mentor to train, give feedback and assess the performance of the student-workers at the workplace;
  4. The Government will offer each student-worker with satisfactory attendance in class and workplace (80% respectively) an allowance of an average of $2,000. For this purpose, participating companies have to keep and retain attendance record of student-workers at workplace. Company may require to provide the attendance record upon request when necessary;
  5. To inform VTC in writing within 7 days if any student-workers resign from the Scheme or being terminated due to breach of the employment contract.
Arrangement for graduates
  1. Upon graduation, if participating employers continue to employ the graduates, participating employers have to offer the graduate of Diploma of Foundation Studies a monthly salary inclusive of commission and allowances of no less than HKD$11,000. For graduates of Higher Diploma, the monthly salary inclusive of commission and allowances should not less than HKD$13,000, and to offer clear career progression pathways for the graduated student-worker.
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