1. 1983
    Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) was established.
  2. 1984
    Education & Training Sub-Committee was set up.
  3. 1985
    Launched Code of Practice for members.
  4. 1986
    The Service & Courtesy Award was established.
    Launched the Anti-Shopstealing Campaign.
  5. 1987
    Hosted the 3rd Asian Retailers Convention.
  6. 1991
    Sponsored the Diploma of Retail Management offered by Hong Kong Management Association.
    HKRMA became one of the founding members of the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA), the only representative from Hong Kong.
    Associate Membership was introduced.
  7. 1993
    Offered Retail Certificate course jointly with VTC.
    Offered training courses in joint effort with the Employees Retraining Board.
  8. 1994
    Launched "Use Less Plastic Bags" campaign with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and Consumer Council, encouraged 1,400 retail shops to reduce plastic bags consumption by 35 million.
    The Government Regulation Sub-Committee was set up to strengthen advocacy on retail related regulations with the Government.
  9. 1995
    Through cooperation with various sectors, the HKRMA succeeded in advocating for the Government to introduce seat for Wholesale and Retail Functional Constituency representative in the Legislative Council.
    Supported Mrs. Selina Chow Liang Shuk-yee as the first Legislative Councillor representing Wholesale and Retail sector.
  10. 1996
    Offered the Certificate in Retail Management programme in partnership with Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
    The Mystery Shopper Programme (MSP) was launched with the "Service Retailers of the Year" awards scheme.
  11. 1997
    Appointed by the Government as the organizer of the "Customer Service" category under the Hong Kong Awards for Industries, which recognizes enterprises' outstanding achievements.
  12. 1998
    Co-organized the "Hong Kong Shopping Spree" with Hong Kong Tourist Association to stimulate consumption of Hong Kong people and tourists amidst the Asian financial crisis.
  13. 1999
    Started conducting the Salary Trends Survey on an annual basis.
  14. 2000
    Appointed by the Intellectual Property Department as one of the issuing bodies of the "No Fakes Pledge" Scheme.
    Assisted the industry to resolve Y2K millennium bug.
  15. 2001
    Co-organized courses with VTC's Retail Trade Training Centre under the "Skills Upgrading Scheme".
  16. 2002
    Launched the Association’s official website.
  17. 2003
    Organized "We Love Hong Kong" campaign with Hong Kong Tourism Board to boost the local economy after it was impacted by SARS.
  18. 2004
    Launched Code of Practice for supermarket sector.
    Supported Mr. Vincent Fang as newly elected Legislative Councillor representing Wholesale and Retail sector.
  19. 2006
    Conducted city-wide consumer poll and successfully urged the Government to withdraw the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  20. 2007
    Set up a more solid foundation for development with a new permanent office premises.
  21. 2008
    Pledged industry to support Sichuan Earthquake Relief.
    Organized Retail Job Fair at Tin Shui Wai to relieve regional unemployment.
    HKRMA celebrated its 25th anniversary.
  22. 2009
    Participated in the "Joint Coalition against the Financial Tsunami" campaign, and initiated a discount coupon scheme.
    Supported the "Cheer Up Hong Kong" campaign to boost consumption.
    Promoted consumer education on "Plastic Shopping Bags Levy" Scheme that took effect from July 2009.
    Inaugurated the Association's first annual Retail Conference.
  23. 2010
    Launched the 1st SME Support Programme with the SME Development Fund from the Trade and Industry Department.
    Assisted the Education Bureau in setting up the Retail Industry Training Advisory Committee to formally implement the Qualifications Framework (QF) for the retail industry.
    Assisted the Government on the implementation on Nutrition Labelling that took effect from July 2010.
    Assisted Labour Department to open an exclusive Recruitment Centre for the Retail Industry.
  24. 2011
    Conducted multi-faceted lobbying and activities to prepare members on Minimum Wage that took effect in May 2011.
    Three Ex-Co members were elected as members of 2011 Election Committee (Wholesale & Retail Subsector) for Chief Executive Election.
    The Annual Ball, attracting more than 1,500 participants, was moved to the Grand Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
    The 2nd SME Support Programme was launched.
  25. 2012
    Supported the Government to introduce the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for Qualifications Framework for the retail industry.
    The 3rd SME Support Programme was launched.
  26. 2013
    Jointly organized the QF accredited Professional Diploma in Retail Management programme with VTC.
    Set up scholarship for outstanding VTC students who study retail-related courses at.
    HKRMA representatives were appointed as members of the Government’s "Task Force on Manpower Development of the Retail Industry" to work out a proposal for a long-term manpower plan for the retail industry.
    HKRMA celebrated its 30th anniversary.
  27. 2014
    Through the persistent advocacy of HKRMA, the Government allocated HK$130 million in its 2014-2015 Budget to develop retail manpower.
    Collaborated with VTC to launch the Earn & Learn Pilot Scheme for the Retail Industry.
    The 4th SME Support Programme was launched.
    Purchased an additional office premises.
    Introduced Individual Associate Membership.
  28. 2015
    Participated in the city-wide "Happy@hongkong Super JETSO" consumption campaign organized by Hong Kong Tourism Board.
    Assisted the Environmental Protection Department to fully launch the Plastic Shopping Bags Charging scheme to all retail outlets.
    Introduced Recognition of Prior Learning under QF to retail practitioners.
    The Service & Courtesy Award celebrated its 30th anniversary, and issued a commemorative publication.
    The 5th SME Development Programme was launched.
  29. 2016
    In joint effort with Hong Kong Productivity Council, HKRMA submitted a proposal on "Enhancing Technology Adoption to Uplift Competitiveness of Hong Kong Retail Industry" to the Government.
    Three Ex-Co members were elected as members of 2016 Election Committee (Wholesale & Retail Subsector) for Chief Executive Election.
    Supported Mr. Peter Shiu as newly elected Legislative Councillor representing Wholesale and Retail sector.
    Fostered e-tailing and technology adoption through an expanded programme of business matching events, study tours, education and training activities.
    Mystery Shopper Programme celebrated its 20th anniversary and conferred special awards.
  30. 2017
    Launched "Quality E-Shop Recognition Scheme" to promote the best practices and standards on online retailing in Hong Kong.
    Promoted the first ever set of retail e-business Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) that launched by QF Secretariat in October 2017.
    The 6th SME Development Programme was launched with a theme on e-tailing.
    E-Commerce Sub-Committee was set up.
  31. 2018
    HKRMA celebrates its 35th anniversary.