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“Quality Service Recognition Scheme” is an annual one-off assessment which aims to recognize retail brands with quality service performance. Participating brands who pass the assessment will be awarded for Recognition Window Sticker and Certificate for that calendar year.

The assessment will be conducted by through random mystery assessment visits in shop front in 4 to 6 weeks. Stages of assessment include Mystery Shopper Assessment and Final Audit by HKRMA, covering the 15 service prerequisites based on the following framework of “3 Perspectives and 7 Key Service Touch-points” of shop front customer journey.

Assessment Criteria

- Participating brands will receive an assessment report in 4-6 weeks. For those brands who passes the assessment, they will be awarded for Recognition Window Sticker and Certificate for that calendar year.

- Scheme renewal is required and on an annual basis. All expired and invalid stickers are prohibited to use in shops, related advertisement and promotional materials.

- The recognition is the property of Hong Kong Retail Management Association.

Recognition Window Sticker Sample

Application Fee
No. of Outlets Member Non-Member
< 20 outlets $2,000 $2,600
21 - 60 outlets $3,500 $4,500
61 – 100 outlets $5,800 $7,500
Over 100 outlets $7,800 $10,000

Please and fill in “Outlet List Form”  and return to msp@hkrma.org by email. For non-member, please also submit Business Registration copies of current and previous years.

Cheques for fee payments should be made payable to the "Hong Kong Retail Management Association Limited" and mail to 7/F First Commercial Building, 33-35 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Terms and Conditions

Agreement to Conditions

    1. Participating companies/brands are required to abide by all rules and regulations of the Scheme.

    2. HKRMA reserves the right of ownership of all data as well as the assessment methods used in the Scheme.

    3. HKRMA reserves the right of final decision on all matters related to this Scheme and is not required to disclose any of the reasons relating thereto.

    4. Participating companies/brands consent to the release to and/ or request for complaint records or information by HKRMA in relation to any allegation received by the Consumer Council and other related government departments or organizations against the participating companies for sale or dealing in pirated or counterfeit goods in the past twelve months.

    5. HKRMA reserves the right to request supporting documents from participating companies/brands to prove the above declared information.

    6. HKRMA shall not be responsible or liable in any occasional disputes / allegations between participating company/brand and individual shoppers.


    7. All information pertaining to the survey data and findings of individual participating brand will be handled with utmost care and strict confidentiality.

    8. Participating brands' performance will not be disclosed, except for the "Category Leader" and "Industry Leader".


    9. The Association reserves the rights of final decision in the acceptance, assignment and change of category of participating brands.


    10. Withdrawals are not acceptable after the enrolment is received, and the participation fee will not be refunded.

    11. Any false information given relating to the participating company/ brand may result in disqualification of its entry, and any participation fee paid for the period will not be refunded.

    12. HKRMA reserves the right to suspend or terminate the use of the Recognition Logo if it has reason to believe the participating companies/brands have failed to comply with the rules and regulations of the Scheme, or if any action is taken against such participating companies/brands by Consumer Council, and other related government departments or organizations. The participating companies/brands are prohibited to use the logo on its shops, related advertisement and promotional materials.