30 Years of the Hong Kong Retail Industry: Its Glorious Past and the Way Forward

The Association has published a commemorative book "30 Years of the Hong Kong Retail Industry: Its Glorious Past and the Way Forward" in celebration of our 30th Anniversary. Through words and pictures, the commemorative book tells the story of HKRMA and how it has evolved over the past 30 years alongside the growth of Hong Kong and its retail industry. It is not only about changes, challenges, and continuity, but also the great passion and concerted efforts of the people involved. The publication is now available for sale at the book stores in HK.

HKRMA Report on Manpower Situation of the Hong Kong Retail Industry - Salary Trends

This is an annual publication compiled by the HKRMA to provide a concise summary of the relevant statistics regarding Hong Kong's retail workforce. The contents include data essential to the effective monitoring of the industry’s salary trends and benefits to enable effective manpower planning for retail and related businesses.

Key salary trends generated from the annual HKRMA Salary Survey of Retail Staff:

Salary Trends for 2018 Salary Trends for 2017 Salary Trends for 2016 Salary Trends for 2015 Salary Trends for 2014

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SME Retail Guidebook

The guidebook is a resourceful reference for SME retailers which they can obtain practical knowledge in different aspects of retail operation and learn valuable experiences of their counterparts.

SME Retail Guidebook - Series I
SME Retail Guidebook - Series II